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Microcentrifuge tube application
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Microcentrifuge tubes are made of an ultra-clear polypropylene that allows for easy viewing of contents. They are also fitted to most common rotors for universal usage. The flat top snap caps of the tubes protect the contents and ensure a secure seal. They are easy to open and close and can also withstand repeated use. Microcentrifuge tubes are ideal for different sample preparations, storage, and centrifugation tasks. Micro centrifuge tubes can manage high stress during the denaturation of samples in boiling water and are favorable for use under thermal demands. The small hook of the lid clips around the rim of the tube, offering trouble-free heating and holding. The lid closure on the microcentrifuge tube protects accidental opening of the lid. Lids can be easily opened with one hand. The tubes can be autoclaved at 121°C for 20 minutes. Autoclaving micropestles are used for re-suspending pellets. They always have a guaranteed sterile, RNase-free, DNA-free, pyrogen-free, DNase-free, ATP-free environment. They have a high graduation scale. Harmful bio-hazardous substances can be removed and be made free of aerosols with the help of a thin membrane in the center of the lid with a cannula. They can be centrifuged at up to 23,500xgr.There is a roughened writing surface on the side and the lid.