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SAB vows to plow ahead with COVID-19 therapy after NIH drops out
Source: | Author:Pekybio | Published time: 2022-04-08 | 64 Views | Share:

SAB vows to plow ahead with COVID-19 therapy after NIH drops out

    SAB Biotherapeutics is hoping to continue work on its COVID-19 antibody treatment after the National Institutes of Health (NIH) shut down a funded phase 3 clinical trial when the omicron wave slowed earlier this year. With NIH out of the picture, SAB is hoping to forge ahead with SAB-185, the company said in a fourth-quarter earnings update earlier this week. The company is expecting a full data readout in mid-2022 from a previous phase 2. SAB said the treatment, which is derived from bovine antibodies, could be used for immunocompromised patients or to help battle future variants of the coronavirus. But the NIH's shutdown of ACTIV-2 leaves the study without enough data to determine statistical significance. SAB-185 was being evaluated in patients with mild to moderate infections at higher risk of progression to hospitalization.

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