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Another Eylea rival struggles in phase two which fielded by Ribomic
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Another Eylea rival struggles in phase 2, this time fielded by Ribomic

       Another attempt to take on Regeneron and Bayer's juggernaut Eylea is struggling in the clinic. This time, it’s Ribomic’s wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) therapy RBM-007.The small biotech revealed a "positive trend" for the solo therapy in initial results from a phase 2 clinical trial called TEMPURA. Updated results on the secondary endpoints from two earlier midstage trials, called TOFU and RAMEN, showed RBM-007 was unsuccessful alone and as an add-on to Eylea.

        Starting with TEMPURA, RBM-007 spurred a “positive trend” in biomarkers related to improvement of eye anatomy and corrected vision. The therapy was injected once a month for three months in treatment-naïve patients with wet AMD, a chronic eye condition that causes blurred vision or blind spots.

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