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  • Sticky proteins could protect crops more safely than chemical pesticides


    Many pesticides have an inherent weakness: The active ingredients don't adhere well to the plants they protect. After the chemicals are sprayed onto crops, rain can wash them off into the soil and groundwater. Farmers must spray again and hope for dry weather.

  • Thermo Fisher study shows liquid biopsies tracking lung tumor evolutions over time


    A group of European researchers and Thermo Fisher Scientific found that next-generation sequencing-based blood tests were able to detect and monitor the progressively changing genetics of lung tumors—illustrating developments in drug resistance over time, while showing results comparable to tissue biopsies.

  • Faster PCR Optimization


    So, you’ve designed PCR primers to amplify your sequence of interest, and you’re ready to go. But unless you have a never-ending supply of template, polymerase, and a thermocycler with a gradient function—not to mention a hefty dose of time and patience—you probably don’t want to spend the next week finding the perfect conditions for your PCR. Here are some tips to get you there faster. (Although, the gradient function is pretty handy.)

  • FDA pledges to support cell and gene therapy manufacturing


    Manufacturers aiming to follow Yescarta and Kymriah to market can count on FDA support after the agency said it will help cell and gene therapy firms adopt better production methods.

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